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  1. Simple, write some software to capture HTML5 courseware.
  2. Hi. It seems Citrix have gone out of their way to make it not possible to download, save or print the ecourseware. Does anyone have any tools to mirror the content?
  3. Okay, I'm curious. Why? Are you trying to do SSL offloading to dedicated hardware? I'm trying to understand something thats more mission critical and high load that can't be serviced with VPX, that you want to use 3rd party hardware.
  4. Out of curiosity, why? Just do the 10.1 netscaler exam and it will last you 3 years. There is no need to get the bleeding edge with this cert and if there was surely you would have enough experience just to pass with out the dump. AFAIK its in its 'beta' phase, so there is most probably a large pool of questions that will slowly get revised down.
  5. Hey 0utcast (or anyone else) Have you got 10747D? Or at least can tell me the difference between 10747C (which you have already upped). I'm doing this more for knowledge than to pass the exam and any updated material on R2 would be good.
  6. Thank you. I have found copies of older dumps on these sites that open happily with 1.1.6. Considering how simple the VCEs are, I'm sure it wouldn't take too much effort to write something that could be open source.
  7. Can anyone please tell me if there are any sites that host VCE files that are not run by avanset. I don't need VCEs from last week, most of the time I'm happy with stuff 1-2 months old. But I hate how they re-encrypt everything.
  8. AFAIK Posts in shares do not count towards your 5 posts. You must contribute elsewhere on this forum to get to 5.
  9. webjunk


    Anyone sat the netscaler exam recently? Any thoughts on the question material vs the stuff in available dumps?
  10. I'm going through this now. Only little bits of interesting stuff. A lot out of date now. Anyone know if the 1y0-A16 dumps are still valid? I don't understand which questions are the mutliple path questions.
  11. I did the 70-410 and 70-411 and there are zero R2 questions on my exam. That said there are many places that said 2012 R2 but none of the new topics (eg DFS cloning)
  12. Just a heads up. The file "05.06 mail manager configuration" is truncated. Length 3:02 - should be 9:32
  13. agreed. f3drostar, the patch worked well. Thnx
  14. I'm surprised everyone is thinking this. Wouldn't it be better to be one of the first to have R2 certification? It doesn't seem like there is much more to learn. I'd be waiting until Jan when R2 is released and installing R2 now. As a bonus it comes with a start button!
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