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  1. Already posted on this forum, just need to search for it. There is a torrent link in the last point.
  2. There is a zip file "CND Module 12 Network Risk and Vulnerability Management+pass.zip" under folder "CND Tools Additional" that requires a different password and it is: [Hidden Content] Cheers
  3. Noobotron kindly posted a new thread here: (and many thanks for his work): Cheers.
  4. looks like the password was [Hidden Content] Files are no longer available.
  5. try it now. Otherwise you can directly to the website that I provided a link to and clink on the link in there.
  6. Can someone please re-share to mega or google. Thanks
  7. Can someone please re-share to mega for google. Thanks
  8. Just re-checking if anyone can help? Thanks
  9. Can be found here: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] ------------------------------ # Hide Tag while posting download links Make use of Hide Tag while posting download links. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces). ------------------------------
  10. You either need to make a copy to your own google drive or select download all. As I said, I have no control of the share.
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