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  1. Can someone please help here re-uploading it again. Thanks in advance
  2. can someone please re-upload
  3. Can anyone please share this following course [Hidden Content]
  4. jayaram23


    mega link dead
  5. can someone please do reupload it
  6. is there any chance that you can share the same file via torrent I will seed them if you want
  7. I have clicked more than 60 times and it super frustrating, even after satisfying ads visit craving also not able to download the file.
  8. exclude chapter 4(very basics) , looking at the content I seriously doubt why its name as hacking guide for windows
  9. can someone please fill this request ?
  10. Hey Smartlen this is asking for VIP technet24.ir/ which cost 19000 USD Can you please upload it in mega or some other place and share it. it would be really helpful if you can reshare on mega or torrent
  11. I really need them specifically PTX. cost is very high which a common man cant effort .
  12. PTX is an hot cake and elearnsecurity prices are high, I feel they are almost equal to SANS but frankly speaking material and knowledge shares are worthy. I heard that PTX is most focused on infra cracking/breaking challenges like playing with AD etc. I am seriously waiting for someone to share it so that more people who cannot effort the price like me can expand their knowledge with your share.
  13. link is dead and can you please list all uploaded file
  14. And I seriously doubt that this mega link will die/blocked soon.and its one of the reason i asked you to upload the same and share us the torrent magnet link.
  15. Mavis thanks a ton for sharing this large info sec video collection but free mega users have some limited bandwidth to download all the content at once. it would be really helpful if you can share the same via torrent and its humble request to you.
  16. plz do share dem via mega thanks in advance
  17. [Hidden Content] Anyone had this course please do share it
  18. [Hidden Content] anyone had this course please do share it
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