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  1. Hi All, Was wondering if anyone has any recent/valid NSE4 6.2 dump that can share ?
  2. Anyone passed the exam recently ? 6.2 ?
  3. just found this link, here you go : [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. can anyone please share the CCSP (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional Official Study Guide pdf ?
  5. having the same inquiry as blacknight, is there any ASA with cluster license enabled that could be run on EVE-NG or Vmware ?
  6. Thanks a lot hunter for the gr8 share, do you have any recent L2 IOU/VIOS images which were released in Aug 2017
  7. waiting for the link CarloMun, please once it's ready share it here
  8. Hello guys, anyone having the ccie security lab v5 real physical topology and the exam preconfigurations ? appreciating if someone who has them so he could share them
  9. thanks ramindia, could you please share the eve-ng exported file once you finished ?
  10. @ramindia, could you please share the complete physical topology and export your eve-ng lab and upload it ? also please delete some messages from your PM as i couldn't send you there
  11. @ramindia, your PM is not working, i think your inbox is full you can't accept any new messages, anyway could you please shed some light about the versions you've used to build to the sec v5 lab ?
  12. ramindia were you able to build the complete topology on eve-ng ?
  13. anyone there guys who passed written recently ?
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