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  1. R2013

    Working Viptela Lab

    With my RYZEN 9, 1 vManage, 1vBond, 2vSmart and 6 vEdges running cool. But I believe running 4 vEdges are sufficient for LAB with 1 vmanage, 1 vbond and 1 vsmart.
  2. R2013

    Working Viptela Lab

    With my RYZEN 9, 1 vManage, 1vBond, 2vSmart and 6 vEdges running cool.
  3. R2013

    Working Viptela Lab

    Using the RYZEN 9 3900X and 32G RAM, memory utilization is 18GB and CPU 28% Perfect CPU for VM but may be some issues with other nodes like XRv9k. Not tested yet. Thanks
  4. I am trying by next 2 days with my new AMD 3900X and will update
  5. R2013


    no Bro.... I used for 4 months and it was working fine.
  6. R2013

    Working Viptela Lab

    good info... I also got same feed back
  7. R2013

    Working Viptela Lab

    Really nice specs... and you are lucky to get it in such a good price
  8. R2013

    Working Viptela Lab

    hi Bro, I am using my Laptop having below configuration but feeling like shortage of resources. So planning for a PC with below configuration which will be sufficient for my other stuffs: Working Laptop- i7 8th Gen, 6 Core & 12 Logical Processor 32G RAM, 1Tb HDD, 125G SSD Expected new PC Ryzen 9 3900X, 12 Core & 24 Logical Processor, 64G RAM, 2Tb HDD, 512G SSD Regards, R2013
  9. R2013

    Working Viptela Lab

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  10. hi, have you checked the connectivity after that? Do your vManage/controller able to reach vEdge?
  11. R2013

    Working Viptela Lab

    if I am correct, your two vEdges are up. no special commands are there.
  12. R2013


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  13. R2013

    Working Viptela Lab

    Happy to see that exactly... finally it does not ask for same IP but only communications should be fine. Controller will check serial number/certificate to validate the devices. I used management as and transport from with system as segment.
  14. R2013


    hope I wwill be able to upload the qcow2 images shortly
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