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  1. Can you post in Mega rather than spreading virus to our valuable CC members !!!
  2. True. This guy - kbt0000 is keep on posting virus links to this forum, while we have many cloud FTP Services out there. Not sure what the purpose of posting virus links...
  3. Hi Kbt000 Please upload this file on Mega... The above link is trying to install PUP... Guys, Be cautious.
  4. Hi Bro You haven't found link from 4shared and published it here. You did literally counterfeit my wording as well from my post on the same day I posted for our friends... Poor guy... Be smart man as a Network Engineer or professional......... Don't be such a cheap fellow....
  5. There are video tutorials in Youtube on how to set the default colour scheme or custom colours. Do some Googling bro...
  6. Hey Bro... Why did you copy my post and portraiting as yours..... No Good bro. This is my one.... You copied and posted within same day bro..... [Hidden Content] @ Admin - Can you please look in to this bad honest-less guy
  7. Hi Guys Enjoy the SecureCRT and its new features. [hide][Hidden Content]] You can make colour for your output as you wish... sample is as below...
  8. Thanks efvn5 ... Much Appreciated. Have you passed the exam recently ???
  9. Hi Guys What I have downloaded in Actual Test yesterday, which was updated on August. Not sure how far it is correct.... Any one tried the exam, please kindly let us know.... [Hidden Content]
  10. Could you please share in Mega.nz as I am unable to get the download link... Thanks
  11. Guys I am unable to download the txt file.... Could you please re-upload it ? Thanks for your help
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