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  1. Or [Hidden Content] This has a lot of courses most of the 2020 SANS as well. Speed can be slow at times.
  2. Just found out the pdf for this course. Here's the link for it: [Hidden Content]
  3. @klashnikov Can you share FOR572 VOD and PDF please? Would be really helpful for a lot of people. thanks
  4. Syncthing does not allow public share like resillio. So you would have to manually add everyone to your shared folder before they can access anything.
  5. I haven't but I can. Nothing other than telegram has been shared that's why I didn't see a need for it.
  6. thank you so much!
  7. I wish i could, sorry. I dont have anything. If you go back couple of pages, you will find 2-3 of such courses.
  8. I do have a screenshot of all the courses with size. But the list of courses is in the main post.
  9. And if you actually go there, they only have half of the total courses of this thread.
  10. bro, please share what you have? not many people have it here. help other please.
  11. you share the link with me. I will download and share with everyone using resilio sync. so it wont. but the fact that you are only willing to share with someone who has 508 is called trading, and is not allowed. You share what you have, others will share 508 for you.
  12. this is not that type of community where you can "Trade" the course. If you share, it encourages others to share as well.
  13. @sflameuss thank you so much brother
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