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  1. Hey there, I passed the exam in the first week of March, so not sure if the questions are still valid. So I would rather suggest that you go with what others are sharing here as the more current information.
  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I am preparing for my Lab and as you said real lab is difficult to find. Even if you can find them, they are expensive so you want to make sure you know your stuff before you rent them and that is where this stuff comes handy!
  3. There are 4 items on the google drive link: 1. CCIE Data Center.rar - Has the pictures of questions. 2. New_400-151.pdf - this file has 107 questions - 2 Exams, Exam A & Exam B 3. New_400-151.vce - VCE format of item#2 4. PassLeader 400-151.pdf - This is the 199Q PL. Hope that helps.
  4. Not more than 10. I think more like 5.
  5. If you have doubts on certain questions, post them here & hopefully someone would be able to answer!
  6. THAT IS REALLY BIG. Great news!! I just cleared my written a couple of days ago. Aiming for the lab before this year end. Can you help with the material that you used for preparation. I have the INE AAP, so no problems around the videos, I need to understand the actual labs, and rack rentals that you used mainly.
  7. Omar, as posted earlier and also by 'CrimsonCero' both the dumps have valid questions, the only problem is with the answers. In my personal opinion I found the PL 199Q version to be more accurate than the 106Q version. Best of luck!
  8. [hide] [Hidden Content]] The above link has all the study guides you would need
  9. [Hidden Content] The above post has a lot of questions discussed. Check them out, and then if you have doubt on a specific question post them on these forums, you would get answers. I do not know if there is any dump with all the correct answers :-)
  10. This link [Hidden Content] that I posted earlier has all the dumps you need to pass. It has both the PL199Q version and the 106Q version and then some extras.
  11. 106Q is NOT enough. Also, it has a lot of questions with incorrect answers. The PL latest dumps posted in one of the other threads with 199Q is the most accurate IMO.
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