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  1. This is for an example. i've marked the missing parts with red square... can you please take a screenshot showing that there is no video under red square parts. and also for the related text to each video, you can use either of the following chrome extension: Save an entire page as PDF: [Hidden Content] or save a page as HTML: [Hidden Content] again thanks for your effort
  2. I really appreciate your hard word. but please rip the course carefully. i just checked SCOR and it has also missing videos... thank you in advance.
  3. I just checked this course too. it is also not complete...
  4. Thank you for your hard work, but i just checked the cisco learning library and what you have shared is not complete!
  5. no, unfortunately when i was downloading, the course was not complete...
  6. Hi dear friends, I have some experience with cisco devices, but unfortunately only in virtual environment! and now i want to prepare for CCNA & CCNP Enterprise and i know and have the followings softwares: GNS3 with IOSv + IOSvL2 + IOU, EVE-NG with IOSv + IOSvL2 + IOU, Packet Tracer, Netsim Boson and Network simulator light from cisco press. but the problem is for example when i want to configure speed and duplex on an interface, the result from configuring a virtual device is not consistent from physical device. and that makes me feel that something is always wrong! so i decided to build up a hybrid home lab! a combination of virtual and physical devices. so far i have i have seen so many cisco switches with many different price tags. but i'm not sure why some of them are so cheap while other ones with almost identical model have a difference price.(i should also mention that i am looking for second hand switch) and now i want to know what is your recommendation for choosing a switch that can be my companion from CCNA all the way to end of CCNP Enterprise. and if you are answering please give me an exact model and preferably a link from ebay or amazon. Thank you
  7. your request is not a complete course, its missing the last videos about automation...
  8. Successfully unrared with wnirar version 5.71 (64-bit)
  9. Another solution is to use HJSplit to merge the files & then winrar...
  10. It's not complete...
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