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  1. Thank you so much for all efforts, but there should be a better way to share these files. Unfortunately, it looks impossible to download them. I recently have downloaded the last part---shared parts on Mega. But the file does not contain courses it has promised. For example, 'Docker Certified Associate Prep Course' is incomplete and it has just 5 files in Introduction folder.
  2. Hi everybody, Could anybody share the link to the LXC/LXD Deep Dive course? Best Wishes,
  3. Hi, Please help me to find, Unixcbt bsd11x edition, [Hidden Content]. Yours Sincerely, EM
  4. After two days try, I am not able to download the file. Would you please upload it somewhere else?
  5. Hi, Can anyone share materials ? I will be appriaciate Regards,
  6. Please below link to get your file. I've had just a suggestion. You wanna to learn android, so go to oreilly web site and follow the learning path for android. [hide][Hidden Content]] Best Wishes
  7. Hi, I need Oracle 12c rpm based package. I just want to mention downloading from Oracle web site is not possible for me. Then please someone helps me with this issue. Thank you
  8. Hi, Instead of expired link please use this links. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. I asked about that laptop, someone using it. because in the lenovo's website RAM is up to 16Gig.
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