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  1. I have been trying to set up SSL VPN phones on a 3845 with CME8.6, but I've not been having much luck. Is an ASA necessary for this to work, or can I run an SCCP over SSLVPN on just a 3845?
  2. If you have an earlier version of CUE (pre-7.2 I think) then you can just use the licenses that are on there or load your own. If you're on a newer version of 7.x (up to 7.4.1, again, afaik) then you'll have to generate a migration license on Cisco's website. You feed the website the serial number, model number, and the current number of licenses you have (on the honor system) and you are presented with a migration license that you can load on CUE 7.4.1. Be careful, you can only generate this license one time, so make sure you have your counts right before you hit enter.
  3. The kind of IVR you're probably after is also possible with an AIM-CUE or NM-CUE running Cisco Unity Express, or via Cisco Unity. This method will even allow you to graphically create your menu structure and prompts.
  4. Requesting license files for UC540W. Many thanks!
  5. Tried that out, ran a clean install, but the GUI is reporting CUE version 7.2. Is that just a weird naming thing?
  6. Does anyone have the language pack cue-vm-en_US-langpack.nmx.7.1.5.prt1 or perhaps a full setup for another 7.1.x release that'll run on a 2811 w/ AIM-CUE?
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