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  1. Hi cciers19, How to PM you ? Can you please add me ? Thanks !
  2. Hi Guys, I'm looking for PAN OS 7.x (or higher) for PA-4020. Can you share with me ? Thank you in advance !
  3. Thanks for sharing ramindia ! Actually we need the material like : PowerPoint Slide and Lab, it would be helpful.
  4. Hello All, It would be appreciated if anyone can share the Gigamon Training material ? Thanks you in advance !
  5. Hi All, I'm looking for Giagamon training material and Gigamon VA. If anyone have them can you please share us ? Thank you in advance !
  6. Dear All, Could you share the Barracuda NG Firewall official training documents if you have. I'm really need it. Thank you so much !
  7. Learn practical hands-on intrusion detection and traffic analysis from top practitioners/authors in the field. This is the most advanced program in network intrusion detection that has ever been taught. All of the courses are either new or just updated to reflect the latest attack patterns. This series is jam packed with network traces and analysis tips. The emphasis of this course is on increasing students' understanding of the workings of TCP/IP, methods of network traffic analysis, and one specific network intrusion detection system (NIDS) - Snort. This is not a comparison or demonstration of multiple NIDSs. Instead, the knowledge provided here allows students to better understand the qualities that go into a sound NIDS and the whys behind them, and thus, to be better equipped to make a wise selection for their site's particular needs. This is a fast-paced course, and students are expected to have a basic working knowledge of TCP/IP in order to fully understand the topics that will be discussed. Although others may benefit from this course, it is most appropriate for students who are or who will become intrusion detection analysts. Students generally range from novices with some TCP/IP background all the way to seasoned analysts. The challenging, hands-on exercises are specially designed to be valuable for all experience levels. We strongly recommend that you spend some time getting familiar with TCPdump, WINdump, or another network analyzer output before coming to class. Download: [Hidden Content]
  8. Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Oracle Database Security Chapter 3: Secure Java Development Concepts Chapter 4: Java Stored Procedures Chapter 5: Public Key Encryption Chapter 6: Secret Password Encryption Chapter 7: Data Encryption in Transit Chapter 9: Two-Factor Authentication Chapter 10: Application Authorization Chapter 11: Enhancing Security Chapter 12: Administration of Security Appendix A: List of Methods from Oracle JavaSecure Class Appendix B: Oracle Procedures, Functions and Triggers for Oracle and Java Security Download: [Hidden Content]
  9. Unit 1: Installation Unit 2: System Initialization and Services Unit 3: Kernel Services and Configuration Unit 4: Filesystem Management Unit 5: Network Configuration Unit 6: RPM and Kickstart Unit 7: User Administration Unit 8: Printing and Administration Tools Unit 9: The X Window System Unit 10: Advanced Filesystem Management Unit 11: Troubleshooting Download: [Hidden Content]
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