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  1. Hello Everyone , Recently passed the NSE 4 - 6.2 exam , done with the following d. : V12.75 All question are valid from this d. , most of the picture q. and many proxy q. was in the exam. Always !! spend some time within your exam when it comes to pictures to slide couple of times the picture! Left hand, there are your question, on the right hand there are your pictures, some q. have more pictures, those are tabbed , make sure you are clicking on the tabs too! Good luck!
  2. Hello Everyone, Looking for Fortigate VM-01 or VM-02, where multiple vdoms can be enabled. Please share! Thank you! kajcsu
  3. Would you be kind and re-upload the content, please ? Thank you!
  4. Hello Guys, Please, add me in! Currently watching WIDESIGN v1.1 videos ( if you need Cisco Videos, please pm me) Progressing with the videos and books for do CCNP Wireless , then moving to CCIE Wireless ( hopefully) In the meantime, happy to contributive. Kind regards, kajcsu
  5. Hello Guys, link is there - tested 14/03/2019 - click on .pdf link, couple of dodgy sex ads and 1 malicious attempt ( blocked with ESET ), but the book is there. Thank you, hope it ill serve me well.
  6. hello Herman, Would you be kind and reupload / Mega, please ? Thank you !
  7. Hello , not sure why.. got a 403 Forbidden / nginx after click on your link.. best worth a look
  8. Mega link doesn`t work, previous Zippy link does - after clicking on the Download button 5x - the oome is azv3 file what is only for Kindle... pdf please !
  9. Is there any possibility to download it as a .pdf only.
  10. It does, last time when I was accessed is : 24 / 11/ 2017
  11. uploaded.net works, the rest are for premium members only. Google: epub to pdf .. then you will have your pdf`s.
  12. Same question here, is the 16.031 - 232Q is still valid ?
  13. Please, .. upload them ! And thanks upfront !
  14. Hi also interested, please mail me here Already ccna sec / ccnp asa and vpn ..
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