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  1. Hi Guys, I have one CCIE Lab voucher with shorter expiration 9-10 months on special discount. Either PM me or post it here and i will PM / DM you. Thanks
  2. Don't be cheeky mate You are trying to get reactions or likes to posting in every thread to bump up your rank, not cool mate, not cool. Instead, contribute and improve the ranking. Sorry, but no sorry, i am not giving you likes or reactions. Thanks.
  3. Hi All, Is their any one who still did not get a PM or a reply from me ? Please let quote this in the reply and let me know. Thanks.
  4. Hi Dinestr, Do you need for the full track ? Please put in the exam numbers. Thanks
  5. Hi Youssef, I have sent the details in DM to you. Thanks
  6. Hi Zener1987, I have sent you a DM with the details. You can hit reply on the same Dm. Thanks,
  7. Hi Guys, I have sent out DMs. If you have not received it, hang in tight, i'll reach out to you. My Dm quota has exceeded and will be reset in a few hours Clarification from some questions of the members in DM. 1. These are valid across the globe, does not matter where you are taking the exam. 2. You have to use this in 12 months, but the exam can be scheduled further than that. Thanks.
  8. Thanks guys. I will send DMs in the (my) morning tomorrow to all. Thanks
  9. Hi All , I have a limited set of new batch of discount vouchers with 1 year validity. You can book your exam now and write it with in next 12 months any time. CCNP Written CCIE Written CCIE Lab Post your exam number in the reply and i will DM you with the details. It is first come, first get and prices are very attractive. Get your new year deal before i run out of these Thanks
  10. Off course guys, these are not free vouchers. You save some , i make some and C!xxxx takes all of it or almost all of it.
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