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  1. tobeciscobee

    CWSP Exam

    Hi.. I am also preparing for CWSP. Lets hook-up
  2. It is binded with MAC addresses of supported network card. Getting the software alone will be of no use for you
  3. There is no fixed pattern. You can get anything..
  4. I used ccierack.rentals during my preparation and was quite happy with them. But that was for v1.
  5. Since it has topics like ISIS, MPLS and DMVPN, I believe this is for V5
  6. You are brave to have attempted the exam. Really appreciate your feedback.
  7. I will go as soon as get a good news people start passing!
  8. Please share your experience once you come back from your exam. It will greatly help others.
  9. Lets not try to be over smart here. May be you are not aware of ground realities. If you cant help, you can stay away from here. No need to jump everywhere if you cant do much!
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