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  1. really helpful thank you
  2. thank you for all really helpful i studied routehub old material and i download some books but i need to go more advance if any one have book config cli i will be thankful for that to share thanks for all
  3. now i working on fortigate i have weird problem on it let easy desk remote coming from outside to inside without permission really annoying me any one exp conact with me in pm
  4. @ n3tw0rkn3rd from beginning i installed it two days before and now i upgrade firmware to 5.6.6 and 5.6.8 all config
  5. recently i config fortigate 60e forti v6.0.4 build 0231. as i know drop packet coming from outside to inside by default, but it allow any desk remote from outside to in without open any port. config blew
  6. @CoolslandSongs downloading torrent thanks mate
  7. Iam from country ban from US all vendors.we deal with huawei. ban will cancel soon from US in short i need help from exp working with firewall cisco, juniper ,etc small and medium many options on the internet found and make my confuse ,low cost on demand
  8. any one upload it . udemy Advanced CSS and Sass: Take Your CSS to the Next Level
  9. harvard 1- C Programming Absolute Beginner’s Guide, Third Edition 2- Programming in C, Fourth Edition [Hidden Content]
  10. @SailmnBackhack many thanks for your help .please keep it update.
  11. @popyjos nothing check send private message to with your email and i will send the invitation please ASAP only 10 invite
  12. i have 10 invitation for bitspyder if interest to gain it PM me with your email I FINISH my invitation .but follow this link @jhonty has 100 invite and willing to help others many thanks to him [Hidden Content] Do not post email id below send a PM instead.
  13. @IPpacket your have truely something to listen to thank you
  14. neelk

    Passed lab6

    all you need [Hidden Content]
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