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  1. Hi there, I am afraid that given the fact is a live course and not computer based, the audience is quite limited therefore the availability of the material on this course limited as well
  2. Why Mega when it's free from the source and with a python script you can download it?
  3. The third edition was completely rewritten, so the contents differ around 90% from the second edition of this book. As personal suggestion, buy it! This book is worth the money, and it's a cheap way of learning from the authors.
  4. Guys, If you're downloading CISSP material I assume you're into Security, it's ridiculous to see request for password as it's just need to be read in the first post.
  5. Hi, I downloaded through a script found on github
  6. I've one PDF about, seems to me quite easy to read as PDF, let me know how and I'll share with you
  7. If you have in Kindle you can simply use Calibre and DeDRM plugin, to convert your ebooks from .ezw to .epub, let me know if you need a help
  8. fdicarlo

    CISM dumps

    Hi leedo, can you please check again the attachments, cause I don't think you uploaded correctly. My bad, I thought you added in a wrong way. bye
  9. Here you go: [Hidden Content] and [Hidden Content]
  10. Hello all, this is my little present for the community. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. Hello all and thanks for your answers, unfortunately I'm too young, in terms of working experience, for CISSP. The requirements is 5 years but as soon as possible I will.
  12. Hello to all, I'm sorry to open a discussion here, if I'm off-topic please Admin delete the discussion. After almost 2 years of Technical Support in a big Antivirus company I'm looking for the next step, of course I made my "homeworks": - I prepared internal training on "Removing malwares with Sysinternals Tools" and developed internal/external documentation on: * Integration with VMware Horizon View; * Incident Response (used by business critical customer); - Co-authored documentation and prevention policy against Cryptolocker - I hold 2 certifications from VMware: Currently I'm studying for CCNA then CCNA Security, and I work on my book about OpenVAS7. So, what can I do to become a Security Engineer or to have a more active role in security? Any advices?
  13. Hi andre997, all you can use this link to the subtitles: [hide][Hidden Content]]
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