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  1. I am not saying it is not valid. These questions did not appear in my exam. That does not mean that they wont appear in somebody else's exam. It is beta, they are testing and adjusting the questions.
  2. Took beta couple of weeks back. I had May be 5-10 from this file. Just FYI.
  3. voodai


    D is correct. The first paragraph in the following: [Hidden Content]
  4. @techietechban You can use that coupon for any AZ exam. Use different email address to attend multiple sessions and you will get multiple coupons. I got 2 that I am planning for use in AZ-300 & Az-301 People got 4-6 coupons that way. Do I have to explain more? Microsoft learning and EdEx has plenty o free courses on tons of Azure stuffs.
  5. The key to this question is "most commonly used". In real life, how many times you get the alert that your authentication token is valid for only XX amount of time versus waiting for your bio-metric scan. All 5 options are available and used with MFA at certain degree. Question is which one is used more than others.
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    Please share here and ask for opinion. Interested people will jump in.
  7. voodai

    VMware Education

    Nothing for standard certs like VCP or VCAP. Some courses may help you earn badges which are valuable for partner companies if you are looking for pre-sales roles. Make sure after you log in. I cannot tell for sure which are included specifically and which are not as I already have access to those through partner portal. There are videos available to help you prepare for VCP or VCAP exams.
  8. voodai

    VMware Education

    No, there is no free vouchers in this offer. Just some educational content.
  9. Folks, file downloaded from Williambaba's link will run javascript in the background. I'd stay away from his links. Thanks VAHID.
  10. voodai

    VMware Education

    [Hidden Content] To VMware folks: logon or your My Learn account or create one. Go to the above page and hit purchase. complete the process for free. 6 months free access to premium content. Just a little correction: Premium basic content. It does not include On-demand courses. Still there are lots of good contents. Cert prep videos on specific topics can be very helpful.
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