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  1. Hi, I need this file : c1100-universalk9_ias.16.07.01.SPA.bin Is someone able to upload this for me ? Thanks
  2. Hi brunoalves, If ISE is installed on bare metal, you just need to have a cdrom with CentOs Live CD and an usb drive that contain the cracked flexlm files. Steps are the same. Cheers,
  3. Hi paulno1, A big thanks for this, I'm sure it's going to help a lot of folks here. Cheers
  4. Hi, I have the switchdrvr file extracted. I'll upload it tonight. See you
  5. Hi, I'll try to upload that for you. I'll let you know as soon as it's available.
  6. Hi, Actually, this might not be that hard, but you said it, it's going to be a lot of work. Some reverse engineering on the file switchdrvr with IDA might just do it. A friend did it. It's beyond my knowledge though. See you.
  7. What you might wan't to try is to install checkpoint on vmware and then convert the vmdk into qemu image. Else, just go with virtualbox who is linked to gns3. Cheers
  8. Hi, My post was not meant to hurt somebody's feelings, I'm sorry if it was the case. For what's concern me, I just made an assumption that it was maybe not implemented correctly. No intention to start a fight. paulno1, if you were offended of any way by my post, I'm sorry. Cheers,
  9. I just read the topic and something bothers me. Paulno1, you are saying that pvlan works and a second after that they do not... I'm not saying that you suck at networking, I think you have more knowledge than me, but maybe you did not implement it like it supposed to be. Also, they're is a ton of reason for this to not properly work. Maybe it's the fault of GNS or VirtualBox if the mac address table is leaking. Anyway, I still believe that some have more skills than others.... Cheers
  10. Hi Trec, Just login to the VM until your request is accepted. It's a bug. Cheers
  11. Hi rvasquezgt, Do you have access to OVF Template for this version of Gaia ? Name of the file : Check_Point_Security_Gateway_R77.20_T124_OVF_Template_Gaia.tgz Anyway, great share man. Cheers,
  12. Hi kamui, The best way to have Switching for now is Arista Switchs. The CLI is Cisco like. Or... wait for a new version of vIOS-L2. Cheers
  13. That is not true sir, Traffic is flowing just as supposed to. You just have to configure it the right way... I'm working on the PAN-OS VM 6 available on the forum, did routing with static routes, ospf. The HA is working too (lite HA) and VPN IPSec is working. As usual, a lot of problems are between the screen and the chair. Cheers,
  14. Damn, what a question. Just put your PC on the same subnet. If I were you, I would dedicate a VM to manage the checkpoint firewall.
  15. Found this with a quick search on Google : [hide][Hidden Content]] A huge collection of checkpoint licences. Cheers
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