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  1. i will sit next week. i need materials as well...
  2. seems no one taking written now? is it stable? please refer me to the correct thread if any. thanks
  3. anyone has vaild? will need to seat asap.... appreciate response...
  4. please share if still valid and stable.
  5. Hope someone will share. Need to seat by this month or next.
  6. Anyone targeting Sept2019 for RS Written? I would like to join your group.
  7. Hi Guys. Is there a new version on this VM? What are you guys using for the lab? thanks
  8. hi all... please share latest dump. appreciate pls.
  9. can some re-share the valid dumps? file has been deleted in previous post. thanks
  10. which version of Config,TS,Diag did you get? have you joined any skype group?i want to join,,, thanks
  11. is this group still active? if yes please let me know how to join
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