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  1. Can somebody share this course? [Hidden Content] This course teaches privilege escalation in Linux, from basics such as how permissions work, to in-depth coverage and demonstrations of actual privilege escalation techniques. The course comes with a full set of slides (170+), and an intentionally misconfigured Debian VM which can be used by students to practice their own privilege escalation. Please note that this course is aimed at students currently taking, or planning to take the OSCP, and thus covers more common forms of privilege escalation. Some extra methods are included, and more methods may be added in the future, however this course was not designed to cover every possible (or obscure) method. Who this course is for: Beginner and intermediate ethical hackers. Students currently taking or planning to take the PWK/OSCP course.
  2. Can anyone share this book? Essential Firepower: Your best practice guide to configuring Cisco's Next Generation Firewall Thanks
  3. Hi CatchingEyes, Can you share information about where did you run the whole topology? Did you pay for a rack? or did you made all the topology on an EXSi Server locally? Also are you willing to share how did you make all the pre-config needed?
  4. can someone please REupload? Please?
  5. today failed the exam with 680 points, the dumps are wrong from PL, CWS LAB didnt even work at all. no Drag and drop
  6. Today i failed the 300-210 exam, i got CWS lab, the servers were down, didnt work, and probably got a ton of wrong answer from the dump. I used 296 Q dump. I got 760 points
  7. Hi Ruslanss, which labs did you get? any drag and drop?
  8. Can someone share this ebook? Thanks
  9. Hello, can you share the full dump for the 300-210 exam¡?
  10. Hello, can anyone share the newest 300-210 Dump?? Thanks!
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