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  1. I vote to do the 3560 or 3750. The 3550 doesn't do private VLAN (not a biggie, but might as well get equipment to cover the topic). The 3750s support stacking, meaning you can hook two (or more) together with a stacking cable and they act like one big switch. I'm just getting into my CCNP stuff after a very long break. Currently I have two 2960-24-TTL switches from my CCNA lab and two 3750-24-?? switches that I picked recently. On the router side I have two 1841s and two 2811s. Best of luck in your studies.
  2. Looking for the 7.1(10)E4 release (May 31, 2015) of either the PKG or IMG for any of the following: IPS 4240 IPS 4255 IPS 4260 Much appreciated.
  3. This is sort of a follow up to my other post. Here's the image file (not package) I was looking for to put on my new IPS 4260. The file is labelled "4260", but the checksum is the same for the 4240, 4255, 4260, and AIP-SSM-xx modules. There may be other devices/modules this applies to as well. MD5 Checksum: bdf569e4a8a604f725a08b4053c39deb [hide][Hidden Content]] Anyone know if any progress has been made on way to load signature files without a license or a keygen to make a license?
  4. -EDIT- Okay, finally got into it. I'm not sure if it's the normal approach, but I had to hook up the monitor, a PS2 keyboard, and the console port. I was able to see the boot options through the VGA port to know when to hit Ctrl + R and then I was able to ROMMON through the console. Thanks again, and enjoy the files.
  5. Much appreciated info. The device is back at the office so I can't poke on it at the moment but I'll definitely dig into it more tomorrow. -EDIT- So I'm understanding that the license file is just to install signatures. If that's all it's for, then not a big deal as this is a lab box. All I could find is the 7.0.8-E4 image for the 4240, but it is the same as the 4260 per the MD5's. I'll reimage it tomorrow to 7.0.8 and then try the package upgrade to 7.1.8. Here's the "IPS-4240-K9-sys-1.1-a-7.0-8-E4" image file for the 4240/4260 (and probably others) should anyone need/want it... [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. However, it looks like I need to be on a flavor of 6.0.6+ to be able to update. From the release notes... "For the IPS 42xx and SSM series sensors, you must be running IPS 6.0(6) or later." Anyone have any insight on the best way to do this? Does it need to be 6.0.6-E3 or 6.0.6-E4 or will anything 6.0.6 or greater make it happy? This is my first venture into IPS land.
  7. I should have spent one more minute looking. It's here if anyone else would like it... [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. I was hoping to be able to share the image that came on my new-in-the-box 4260 IPS I got for my lab, but it appears it has been sitting on the shelf for a while. It has "IPS-K9-6.0-2-E1" installed with no update history, so if anyone has access to the latest or anything newer than what I have (7.0+ preferred), it would be appreciated. Thanks, and I hope everyone has a great weekend.
  9. My school uses the 98-361 as a gauge to determine OOP and .NET understanding, but within the past several months the test has changed dramatically and the Wiley book is no longer sufficient. Many of my fellow students are having trouble passing it and our instructors are going to take the exam soon to see if they can put a finger on what is going on with it. It seems Microsoft dropped the ball on keeping the content aligned with the exam...definitely not a normal MTA level exam anymore. Anyone have a current dump for this exam? Thanks.
  10. Anyone have any information on the current version of this test (Feb 2015)? My school uses it as a gauge to determine if OOP and .NET concepts are understood, but the exam has grown to a bit of a monster and is no longer aligned to the course content. Many of my fellow students are having trouble passing it (school covers the cost of two attempts) and the instructors are trying to figure out what has happened over the past several months. Thanks.
  11. I have faith that you guys will be able to go all 50 Shades of Grey on the program and make it obey. I'm still functioning with 1.1.3 on a rarely online machine I loaded back then with some exams, so I should be good for the last test I have coming up in a bit (as long as a newer, better, more accurate VCE doesn't come out).
  12. It only pops up for a brief second on the requesting key part, I'll attach a screenshot when I get a second. I downloaded the file mdfcert mentioned and didn't have any problems with it. I wonder if some who tried a different version of the crack still have the hosts file modified? I've left my hosts file as-is on a couple different machines and things are running smooth. -EDIT- That Cisco VCE comes up as "by.Looney.74q" in the description, but it only has 35 questions in it. Thought I'd mention that in case we do have two different VCEs.
  13. Tested on a few different exams, both old and new, and it works perfectly...the little window pops up for a second saying it's requesting the exam key and then the exam loads right up.
  14. I think now that it is going to monthly charge (subscription) it may be a little more difficult to work on a crack since it will "phone home" every time it's ran to check for validity. There are a lot of unhappy people on the Android side too...many said they spent the $15 a couple of months ago and now the app is broke unless they agree to pay a monthly fee. If someone bought the app within the last three months they should get some kind of courtesy subscription for another three months or something. Who knows, maybe they lurk the forums and we ourselves helped them reach the conclusion to go this route. Don't get me wrong, I like free, but I can't blame them for not wanting to give their software away since it is so valuable and used by so many. I just wish they'd have used a different method to protect their product while still allowing for a one-time fee.
  15. Is anyone else experiencing problems with 1.0.2 Portable? After it checked for the 1.1 update on opening, I'm getting a "file in use by another program (possibly by VCE Designer)" message when I try to add a file...this is from VCE Player, not from Windows. It's also telling me that any file I try to start, whether a newly downloaded file or a file that I have on a drive already, were created with an older version. Also getting "invalid or corrupt" message when trying to view the properties in VCE Player. This is happening on two different machines.
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