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  1. Let it get released first on 24 Oct 2020, than we can wait for 1-2 months for someone to upload it.
  2. 100 % secure system is a Myth. There is no system ever developed which is 100 % secure. So it really doesn't matter which vendor laptop you buy , your laptop will always be vulnerable. There are lots of risk associated with computer systems , however you can use precautions to make your system secure. For example, Linux machine are more secure than Windows. So you can use Linux OS over Windows. You can use Paid Antivirus from Good Vendor like Kaspersky. You shall avoid downloading pirated software's from Torrents. You shall not click any Phishing emails. You shall keep updating your machine with latest patches. You shall not use admin account to login into your laptop. Use a normal guest user account. That's all I can suggest for the time being. Multiple similar recommendations will be available over Internet, look out for them. By the way, We have 2 HP laptop and 2 Dell laptop at home.
  3. Somewhere I feel like these courses has already been shared here . I have seen eLearnSecurity ( 32 GB Mega Link) . SANS links in libgen ( Gdrive as well). Pentester Academy courses of around 64 GB , and for Offensive Security the same old materials of WIFU or OSCP V1 . The only latest Materials we had was OSCP 2020 for Offensive Security Sections. Rest all the content shared for Offensive security were outdated and shared repeatedly. Still I am really curious to see what all contents will be uploaded here. Thanks in Advance " Kaiz3r".
  4. Place the request in proper section with "REQ "Suffix. Path is given below - [Hidden Content]
  5. Hi Friends, Does anyone have SANS SEC530: Defensible Security Architecture and Engineering course. I am looking for just PDF files. It will be really nice if anyone can share it. [Hidden Content] Thanks in advance.
  6. Don't hide the link if you are are asking about any courses. User will hide link only if they are offering something.
  7. The file is no longer available .The key and password is specified in the post itself. Look around all the details will be available in this forum
  8. Thank you so much for your share. Appreciate your help.
  9. I Just have the PDF files of Section - Malware Analysis. If someone can upload the PDF of Section Reverse Engineering, than it will be really helpful. Update - My Link has been taken down due to copyright violation. I will not be able to share the file again.
  10. These people don't do certification to gain knowledge, they do to get a job. Their primary job is to clear the interview. If the interview is not face to face than they will take help from a proxy candidiate and clear the interview. I don't support these guyz. I have personally seen many people Doing CCIE Security ( CISCO) with zero Knowledge in Computers. They will clear the CCIE Security Written exam by memorizing the dumps. CCIE Security Labs are also available outside, they will sit each day 8 - 10 hours and practise the same dump over and over again for 2-3 months. Once they feel confident enough they will go an appear the exam. In interview if you ask them a real life question, you can see them shitting in their pants.
  11. The collection is quite good. No offence towards the original uploader , however most the content has already been shared in the forum. Thanks to the original uploader for taking efforts to combine all the resources under single link.
  12. The cost of the course is Less than Rs 500 ( $7). Its not a costly course which you can't buy.
  13. There are multiple in Market but not even a single question will come from that.
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