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  1. Hi, i have 100% juniper voucher, willing to Xchange it with any other voucher other than Microsoft. regards, NOTE: Please use [Offer] tag if you are Offering something here. - Konstantine
  2. I have only CEH 312-50 exam voucher available for pearsonVUE. thx,
  3. Sorry about that but atm i am not interested in microsoft exam. thx,
  4. Hi, All vouchers are still available. if anyone interested contact me. regards,
  5. CEH voucher is valid till July, 2010 Both SCNS SC0-451 and SC0-471 vouchers are valid till Dec, 2010 just pm me or email for the trading. regards,
  6. Hi, I have two SCP's (SCNS and SCNP) vouchers. and one CEH voucher, anybody interested just contact me. regards,
  7. yeah i do have a CEH and TWO SCP's (SCNS and SCNP) vouchers. just pm me. regards,
  8. If you are successful, please also try to crack the following exams for us, it would be of great help:- [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] thx,
  9. Hi, I need any latest dump in vce or pdf format for Security Certified's SC0-451 and SC0-471 exams. Thanking you in advance
  10. I have 1 sun (31/3/2010) and 2 microsoft vouchers (31/3/2010) (worldwide). Any exchange offer is welcome.
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