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  1. SD access links are dead. please reupload. thanks
  2. ciscoyoyo

    Segment Routing

    anyone who may share part II traffic engineering? thanks a lot.
  3. cannot say more thanks for this sharing. happy learning
  4. Hello Guys, Anyone who may have this ebook? I'm pretty interested in this new technology. it looks like it's first book introduce in details. [Hidden Content] thanks very much ciscoyoyo
  5. link is dead. can you reshare it? thanks.
  6. i could be able to download it and no password for me.. thanks a lot for the share.
  7. give me some time to upload. will add mirror link of mega in original post.
  8. Hi, INE - Storage Area Networking (SAN) Switching on NX-OS [part of INE DC V2] screenshot: [Hidden Content] provide this training magnet link: [Hidden Content] if you could not download, please reply and i will upload via mega. Mirror link of mega: [Hidden Content] for INE DC V2 fabric extenders and INE DC V2 ACI part 2. INE DC V2 fabric extenders: [Hidden Content] Mirror of mega: [Hidden Content] INE DC V2 ACI part 2: [Hidden Content] Mirror of mega: [Hidden Content] other training i don't have either. if i get it i will share.
  9. can you try this link if downable? [Hidden Content]
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