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  1. All CCIE SP Mate, This is for candidates like me, who do not have enough to invest in high end server to built full CCIE SP Lab with IOSXRv at home: [email protected](dot)com is online renting me his CCIE SP Ready to start Server which is having 4 IOSxr and 20 IOS Routes with the SunjnaIE Workbook(Real Labs) in 340 USD. for a Month. (24*7) Is anyone interested to share that online Lab with me? As I will not be able to utilize full 24hrs for a month's time. He claims that He has 5 Online Racks/Server for CCIE SP and he only gives it for a 15 days = 190$ or 30 days = 340$. Please PM me your email address if you are interested to share half of the Rack time and money with me for a month's time. I will be flexible to practice in any timezone.. I am planning to rent it from 1st of June. Also if anyone have any experience of renting these server from [email protected](dot)com, please share your feedback with me. Thanks.
  2. Yes, If its not Demo and the official full paid version from Cisco and installed on proper controller/devices all feature works Perfect.
  3. Also diid you use AUTO ROUTE ANNOUNCE command under tunnel 67
  4. congrates bro.....Enjoy your number
  5. Now pls help us to crack this by giving few tips n trrck to study...only 10 days left to kill the bill
  6. LizaYar....CONGRATS ..... U did it....u r the champ............MAN ENJOY UR DIGITS................great job....
  7. Pls send us the link for the WB...cos we dont have the accurate wb....we have from pcl and few questions are wrong and initial config is not clear.... if possible pls add me on skype removed ...we can pay you some share for sharing the cert wb
  8. my exam in mid aug pls tell me how to add to the group?
  9. Honestly running out of money...but will buy in a weeks time .....booked date so wallet is empty....
  10. Sorry to hear about your result... But my friend you are pass....cos you know everything n just cos of 5% you missed your number.. but u have 95% of the CCIE... dont be dissappointed... i failed for 4 times in RNS...still i m on the track...
  11. routerbaba


    Thank you for the advice...i appreciate your time and efforts....
  12. routerbaba


    Hi ccie's and aspirants. I want some help.# i have done with my INE vids twice. now pls anyone can suggest me how to proceed?# what has to be done next... i have booked my lab now...i have 2 months now.. to be honest i m confused and nervous. i am working in nights for 10 hours so it is very difficult to manage. so your suggestions and recommendations will be helpful. your experience can be helpful. i know it might sound foolish but pls give ur minute or two ...PLEASE...
  13. GUys...its been a high time since cisco have gave lots of CCIE numbers in past few months for SP...so they might have come up with new lab..... lets see if its true......I am buying cert in coming week....lets see...i will share if there is a real lab or just a updated workbook... I think it mite b a lab cos if cert does updates wid questions they will say.."NEWLY UPDATED WORKBOOK>>>>>>NOT NEW LAB"............ lets see.... INSHALLAHHH THERE SHOULDN"T BE A NEW LAB TILL SEPT>>>>>>>>>>
  14. I just checked cciecert.net..... And the banner says that new lab... Any idea?
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