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  1. Hi, does someone taked this exam in version 4.2? Can you share it or indicate the differences with dump of version 3.5 present in this forum? Regards, Mattia
  2. Many thanks!!! You are the best. Regards, Mattia
  3. Can you share DO280-OCP-3.9-en-1-20181010? Regards, Mattia
  4. I'm studying for ex280 certification. Does someone can share latest version of d0280 book? Regards, Mattia
  5. I passed this exam in June 2019. Here a useful test to verify your preparation: [Hidden Content] Regards, Mattia
  6. Does someone has recently passed this exam? I want to try it next month. Can someone share informations about complexity or critical questions found during the exam?
  7. Hi darkdante, thanks for your answer. If you can, please send me some details about it. Particulary I want to understand if the arguments in the exam are similar or the same of the dump reported previously in this thread. I already studied D0407 pdf but probably the questions in the exam are different from lab that was present in the book. The cost of the exam is not cheap and I need to obtain this certification for my work.
  8. Can you help me about the type of questions of the exam? Can you explain the mean of "totally different"? Thanks, Mattia
  9. Can someone share documentation for this exam? I am RHCE certified and I want to get this certification. Regards, Mattia
  10. find / -type f -user dax -exec cp -prf {} /root/found \; find / -type f -user dax | xargs cp -t /root/found
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