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  1. Passed today with 970/1000. No new questions at all. I didn't trust all the answers, so I answer 2 - 3 questions differently.
  2. It will, however together with CCNP, so in principe it means CCDP is gone .
  3. CCDP stops existing after 24.2. So if you pass it now, you'll have it valid for three years and then it's just gone . I'm going to attend anyway. I have CCDA and need to prolong CCNP. I will then decide what path to take based on updated certification structure.
  4. I'm taking the exam on Monday (17-02). I will definitely provide you the feedback regarding new questions.
  5. I used cisco.testking.200-310.v2018-02-05.by.martie.551q.ete, however I noticed there are newer dumps available already. Good luck.
  6. I passed the exam today (2018-05-07) scoring 961/1000. Many new questions. I would say around 20 - 25 out of 60 in the exam were new or asked differently. Also one new draq and drop. Definitely do not rely on dumps but read the book thoroughly and understand the topic.
  7. please provide torrent link, I think it is the best option for all of us ... thanks
  8. as I've already mentioned in other post, would someone be so kind and reupload to different server ? I can't download torrent on my business PC and don't have access to my personal PC, thanks guys
  9. would to be possible to upload somewhere else ? I'm not able to download torrent on my business PC thanks in advance
  10. have you tried to play all videos ? based on the files size looks like same non functional version
  11. Please upload R&S Tshoot Mastery as first Thanks
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