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  1. Anyone have the latest version of 401?
  2. Can anyone share training material for Sans 460 including audio!?
  3. Thanks for the awesome share do you happen to have the quizzes too?
  4. Anyone have SANS MGT414 CISSP training material and audio. The SANS baseline thread only has the PDF version. Anyone in this community have audio recording of an actual boot camp or conference? Please share
  5. Thanks i figured it out.
  6. Can anyone upload this to a torrent? Mega has limit on big files. thanks
  7. Hey Everybody, I am in preparation for the CISSP, I am looking for SANS 414 2015 material if somebody can share? If you have any other CISSP content that can help please share! Specific training i am looking for: MGT414: SANS Training Program for CISSPĀ® Certification with practice tests. 8 Domain version. I would prefer torrent, since mega has download limit on big files. Thanks!
  8. You guys are life savers thanks for this awesome share. I'll seed for anyone else too!
  9. after pulling out my hair for like 4 hours messing with a visual cert exam program that works finally i found one THANKS!!
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