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  1. Spoto H3 v1.7 is from Feb, 2018 and has been shared here multiple times. I don't see the point of sharing it again...!
  2. Feels awesome to be back on CC after a long time Just tried the vm now, and here are the working credentials (mentioned in previous comments already too): sudo password is "cisco" user credentials: username: admin password: c4c HTH, _Rana.
  3. Here you go! Mega link for high_iron_20170202 [Hidden Content] HTH _Rana.
  4. I can confirm that the last available routing-bits SP handbook was for v3.0 and since than no newer version has been released, it can be used as a helping material but a lot has changed since v3.0
  5. Just run/open SecureCRT either from Dash or from terminal, go to manual registration and input all the info generated in previous step, that's all!!!
  6. henry457, This query has already been answered in other thread by TuPadre. Like, I notice you seem new to Linux and need assistance in basic Linux commands, (as clearly, you have not followed suggested steps above), send me your contact details in PM and see if I can be of any more help! -Rana.
  7. lolz, 10 secs reply was spot on! henry457 asked the same on another post too and I've posted a detailed reply there [Hidden Content]
  8. Follow the steps below and enjoy fully featured rock-solid terminal emulation: Download SecureCRT for Linux from post #21: [Hidden Content] Extract the downloaded file $ tar xvf scrt-8.x.x-xxxx.ubuntu16-64.x86_64.tar.gz Install .deb package $ sudo dpkg -i scrt-8.x.x-xxxx.ubuntu16-64.x86_64.deb Now download the perl script: $ wget [Hidden Content] Check out and confirm the SecureCRT installation path: $ whereis SecureCRT SecureCRT: /usr/bin/SecureCRT Run the perl script on SecureCRT's installation path '/usr/bin/SecureCRT': $ sudo perl securecrt_linux_crack.pl /usr/bin/SecureCRT If the script is successful, the registration information output will be generated in terminal. Now, run 'SecureCRT' command in terminal and follow the prompts to fill out the registration information output in 'Enter License Manually' Tab. All Done! HTH, Rana.
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