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  1. @ajes please reupload it tks so much!
  2. Hi abotaha Could you please re-upload? RHD361 Red Hat Linux Kernel Internals 1 == 2009 Thank you very much!
  3. Hi everyone Please share MOC 10985C Introduction to SQL Databases Thank you very much!
  4. Hi guluta2 I think we can start payment for group buy. Please sending payment info to members Tks
  5. Hi rnpr4541 MySQL Learning Subscription Ed 3 has many many materials for you Let's join "GROUP BY" as soon as possible Tks
  6. The currency that come first is the wisdom currency It's a golden opportunity to gain our knowledges more and more Let's do it Tks
  7. let's join group buy, it will become real as soon as possible
  8. There is activity guide on the internet [Hidden Content] I have screen shot them and upload via google drive Download it if you want [Hidden Content]
  9. really appreciate anyone upload it tks so much!
  10. i can not download them, please mirror links, tks
  11. Hi 1jowier89 Please share them for everyone guluta2 did this Thank you very much!
  12. More details If you are SUSE Certified Instructor, you can download them at [Hidden Content] Tks
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