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  1. Admin, can you please allow me to change my username?
  2. Admin, can you please allow me to change my username?
  3. Kapss

    Cleared R&S Today

    No surprises buddy
  4. Kapss

    Cleared R&S Today

    Finally cracked it. Part 1: TS Tkt1: SW2: vlan 100 was not allowed on int e1/0, allowed it Tkt2: R17: ppp ipcp route default and ppp chap hostname missing Tkt3: R21: passive interface default, change to no passive-int e0/0 & e2/0 R5: max-metric router-lsa, change it to max-metric router-lsa on startup 5 Tkt4: R12: change bandwidth to 10000 on e1/0 R11,R12,R13,R14: configure metric weights to 0 1 1 1 1 1 Tkt 5: R21: ip prefix-list le 16 change it to ge 16 Tkt 6: R25: change ipv6 next-hop to :18 Tkt 7: R15: configure a route-map to deny the wan interface and allow rest and call it under eigrp (redistribute connected route-map ABC) R15: change the ip host mappings as per the required output (for ping and trace) R18,R19: ip nhrp shortcut missing Tkt 8: R4: vpnv4 bgp missing for R5 R4&R6: int e2/0 - ip ospf cost 25 R7/R8: e0/0.123,124,125; ip nat inside/outside was missing R7/R8: configured default originate route-map MED for .123 (R7 low and R8 higher) Tkt 9: R23: ip nat outside source list, change it to ip nat inside source list R24: NAT-T disabled, enabled it Tkt 10: R21: added ip host mappings for telnet Part 2: DIAG Ticket 1: Q 1.1: SW3, show vtp password Q 1.2: SW3, ask for VTP password Q2.1: R16 Q2.1: increase subnet mask length on e1/0 Part 3: Cfg MST, VRF, Shell Processing, NTP authentication only Good Bye certcollection, thanks to each and every one of you who is a part of this forum.
  5. Congrats Bro. Can you answer some of my queries please? TT2: Wrong DHCP pool - incorrect mask or default-router was missing? TT3: Summary address on R3 with incorrect subnet mask - R3 has incorrect mask? TT6: Missing BGP ipv6 peer : R22-R32 or R22-R25 (via IPv4 add)? TT8: wrong import/export : what RT you have used and on which device? can you tell all the RTs configured?
  6. Yes only the VM settings, nothing to do with the Linux
  7. not necessary, I'm running on 10gb
  8. specifications are more than enough, allocate 10-12gb ram to the virtual machine
  9. Kapss

    ticket 5 bgp

    no there won't be any issue
  10. Kapss

    ticket 5 bgp

    check mpls and cef in the mpls could
  11. Upper/Lower case should depend on the host mapping not on the time out value, right guys?
  12. I'm wandering, did you really practiced all the stuff available in this forum? what was your study material and which labs you have practiced?
  13. Kapss

    ticket 5 bgp

    you can advertise it under bgp on R3 also, R4/R6 will receive it. Or on R4 BGP.
  14. Hi All, Can you guys share the LAB exam environment and also the tips and tricks. Anything that you can share about the LAB (like PuTTy settings etc.) Thanks all in advance.
  15. Kapss

    ticket 5 bgp

    usually is advertised in r4 and a summary is advertised in r6
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