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    Hi, Please any dumps for HPE Synergy solutions exam HPE2-T27... Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi, Any available dumps for Building HPE Server Solutions HPE0-S37 exam? Thanks.
  3. I can't print from the pdf nx-os.. any ideas?
  4. Hello, Is DCICN 640-911 available?
  5. Thanks but do u have the DCICN course material?
  6. SaramiR

    VPN Termination

    Thanks.. Can you provide me with more details? How will the config be? Any reference sheet or configuration guide??? About the topology.. I am not sure what you ask about.. It's just that I want to use the security features of my WAN router to enable VPN Remote access as the DSL router won't be able to handle this. Does this help? :$
  7. Hello, Maybe this question is a basic one but I am completely clueless about it. I want to set up remote access VPN via internet and I have an ADSL router and then I have my WAN router which is 2921. The thing is that I want to terminate the VPN on the 2921. So the real IP on the ADSL has to be seen somehow on the 2921 thru my LAN. Should I use GRE tunnel between the ADSL and the 2921? Also: the 2921 is connected to the LAN via 1 Gigabit Ethernet interface. Can this be sufficient? internet ---- ADSL Router --- LAN --- 2921 ---- WAN
  8. Well.. I am but its studying seems so wide !!
  9. Where can I find "optimal routing design" book?
  10. Hello all, Can anyone please upload the new p4s with 140Q?? Last update was on 6-3-2010.. Thanks in advance.
  11. which arch version are the ones in that file?
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