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  1. Both links do not work, anyone else have links?
  2. Hello, I checked event viewer on the workstation and the DC that is doing the authentication, and I do not see any event viewer errors.
  3. Hello Everyone, I have a single AD forest running at FFL 2003, and a single domain running at the 2003 Dfl, and I want to login to the domain using an alternative upn suffix, but it wont work. I also want to note that the suffix is unconventional, using "xxxxx.travel". Does anyone have a direction to point me in to fix this issue?
  4. the new linux+ from comptia is powered by lpi AND when you pass it, you automatically get the lpi cert also, its on the comptia site. the one-test linux+ exam is being phased out quickly. so the OP is right, but i haven't heard anything about the test. and yes its now two exams.
  5. Thanks alot for your opinions man, im going to look into making some small changes you recommended once this hangover is gone.
  6. So i recently completed a hands on ccna-training course, (not one of those crash courses with powerpoint slides n crap, I had to do erase-start reloads like 4-times a day doing close to a full config) and passed my ccna, and i want to improve my resume to have better job options here in the east bay area of Northern cali. right now the market seems tough for me, considering my experience. Im wondering is there anything i can do to improve my resume to help my chances? any opinions would be helpful. ResumeWithoutInfo.doc
  7. hmm. to monitor traffic off an interface i know you can use wireshark, but to see all network traffic? or to see traffic across one cable/line?
  8. Good, I use chrome personally, and its just great. If not Chrome then firefox, but never IE if i can help it.
  9. an offical moc course? i noticed the offical microsoft book doesnt come out til OCT either, which sucks
  10. So whats the deal? I havent heard anything about this exam in a while, and im wondering if its still viable, i cant find any training stuff of it at all, but i see the 70-685 is still alive and kicking. And if this cert is dead, whats a good microsoft cert to Aim towards that will go well with a ccna?
  11. hmmm does the cvoice 6.0 give you any skills towards managing a small voip netowrk or just fundamentals? i understand the 640-460 gives you that for small-medium business but im trying to decide what to study
  12. passed about an hour ago, 936/1000. eigrp,vtp,acl2 are still the sims, testinside 17.11 is still 90-95% accurate. also what made it easier to understand was the trainsignal cbt nuggets also, best of luck out there people,
  13. I just got a samsung code smartphone for my bday very pleased with win mobile 6.1
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