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  1. Hello, That's natural... (by Cisco means...Sorry) NETFLOW on SUP720/32 and similar doesn't have a capability to look under the MPLS TAG...(AFAIK). Something more, the TCAM size for NETFLOW is limited and you can't do sampling in the terms of real sampling..(1of100).(AFAIK)... So, the 7600's NETFLOW by my opinion, is screwed... Otherwise, you can switch it on and configure few tweaks on it, but at least I couldn't make it work, without constant NETFLOW TCAM overflow... BR. IPv6Business
  2. Guys, This person posts a picture of CCIECERT.NET SP workbook (latest), but actually is selling PASSCCIELAB.COM materials. When you ask for sample - he provides you with the link to the free samples of the original website of the provider -- PASSCCIELAB.COM. IPV6
  3. Princeofunited, We are not talking for the latest Cat 2960. We are well aware that they all run Cisco IOS. We are talking for very old switches, from the old times of Cisco, when they bought Catalyst as a production lines... These old switches run CatOS, as some of the old Sup2 supervisors of Catalyst 6500/7600 etc... do... BR, IPv6
  4. Hello Afro,[Hidden Content] Maybe a better option is still the group buy, with the inclusion of Zanderzone, of course if he is interested... IPv6
  5. Hello, Yes, indeed - really interesting info. What is the version of the windows? Does this mean that every windows in the world has Telnet Server in it, waiting to be started? IPv6
  6. Hello, Aren't all the Solutions Design Guides available from Cisco? Here is the main link: [Hidden Content] Here is the One which is for Unified Communications for Enterprise... [Hidden Content] Cheers, IPv6
  7. ipv6business


    Hello, Here is a post, I found in another forum: I hope it helps you. IPv6 ----------------------------------------------- kduffin kduffin is offline Forum Advisor UN1X Join Date: Nov 2003 Location: Maryland Posts: 447 When you say you are a beginner, is that just for AIX or UNIX in general? For instance, if you were already familiar with Solaris, you could use Redbook's Sun Solaris to IBM AIX 5L Migration: A Guide for System Administrators. If you are new to both AIX and UNIX, Redbook's IBM eServer Certification Study Guide - pSeries AIX System Administration may be a good start. Also, a small investment on Ebay for an inexpensive server, unless you have you you can play with at will, is a worthwhile investment. You could get something quite sufficent for under $50 - just make sure you have the O/S handy Cheers, Keith
  8. Hello, I do think that the Best OS MS has ever Released is MS-DOS ;-))) (Joking) But in terms of graphical UI - maybe Vista for graphics... But Win 2000 Professional was the most stable release, after win98, by my opinion....WinXP was also good too... But for me - the winner is Win 2000 Professional... IPv6
  9. Hello, According to this, it is a feature which you would use to migrate the Router to another AS without doing restart, or without deleting the whole ROUTER BGP XXX process. [Hidden Content] Dual-AS Configuration Example The following examples shows how this feature is used to merge two autonomous systems without interrupting peering arrangements with the customer network. The neighbor local-as command is configured to allow Router1 to maintain peering sessions through autonomous-system 100 and autonomous-system 200. Router2 is a customer router that runs a BGP routing process in autonomous system 300 and is configured to peer with autonomous-system 200: Autonomous System 100 (provider network): Router1(config)# interface Serial3/0 Router1(config-int)# ip address Router1(config-int)# ! Router1(config)# router bgp 100 Router1(config-router)# no synchronization Router1(config-router)# bgp router-id Router1(config-router)# neighbor remote-as 300 Router1(config-router)# neighbor local-as 200 no-prepend replace-as dual-as Autonomous System 200 (provider network): Router1(config)# interface Serial3/0 Router1(config-int)# ip address Router1(config-int)# ! Router1(config)# router bgp 200 Router1(config-router)# bgp router-id Router1(config-router)# neighbor remote-as 300 Autonomous System 300 (customer network): Router2(config)# interface Serial3/0 Router2(config-int)# ip address Router2(config-int)# ! Router2(config)# router bgp 300 Router2(config-router)# bgp router-id Router2(config-router)# neighbor remote-as 200 After the transition is complete, the configuration on router 3 can be updated to peer with autonomous-system 100 during a normal maintenance window or during other scheduled downtime. Router2(config-router)# neighbor remote-as 100
  10. Hi, Although to me it is not very clear what you're asking, maybe you want this: isis lsp-interval You have to check if you see it as an option in your IOS version. Because it is mainly a service provider feature, it may not be present in every IOS. IPV6 isis lsp-interval To configure the time delay between successive Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) link-state packet (LSP) transmissions, use the isis lsp-interval command in interface configuration mode. To restore the default value, use the no form of this command. isis lsp-interval milliseconds no isis lsp-interval Syntax Description milliseconds Time delay between successive LSPs (in milliseconds). Defaults The default time delay is 33 milliseconds. Command Modes Interface configuration Command History Release Modification 11.1 This command was introduced. 12.2(33)SRA This command was integrated into Cisco IOS Release 12.2(33)SRA. 12.2SX This command is supported in the Cisco IOS Release 12.2SX train. Support in a specific 12.2SX release of this train depends on your feature set, platform, and platform hardware. Usage Guidelines In topologies with a large number of IS-IS neighbors and interfaces, a router may have difficulty with the CPU load imposed by LSP transmission and reception. This command allows the LSP transmission rate (and by implication the reception rate of other systems) to be reduced. Examples The following example causes the system to send LSPs every 100 milliseconds (10 packets per second) on serial interface 0: interface serial 0 isis lsp-interval 100 Related Commands Command Description isis retransmit-interval Configures the time between retransmission of each LSP (IS-IS link-state PDU) over point-to-point links.
  11. Hello Afrosamurai, Here is the thread I've pasted a link to (regarding inability to do PM). "According to the new rules Some forums do not count your posts, these are: • Comments about CertCollection • IT Certification News under General IT • General IT and all its sub forums • OFF TOPIC and all its sub forums • STUDY GUIDES, REQUESTS AND SHARES and all its sub forums • THE LOUNGE and all it sub forums • TORRENT SECTION and all it sub forums" So, you have to make POSTs to other forums... -mainly the TECHNICAL forums. BTW, you can always check your profile to see if you have made POSTs... - USER CP, at the upper left corner.. IPV6
  12. Hello gkatric, There are some old switches of Cisco, that really work with their old OS - called CAT OS. They are like the old 65xx -- i.e. with CAT OS. I believe, you can upgrade them, but you have to be much more specific... Please, paste in some information regarding these switches... I have used myself such.. IPV6
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