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  1. I am in. Regards Protector
  2. @kang and @dynfitz88 you want to say that diagnostic questions are changed???
  3. Hi, This is complete video material for CCIE Data Center v2 Transition Technologies Course. [Hidden Content] Enjoy guys...
  4. protector

    Just Passed Lab 2

    Did you choose all policies in Callhome? Enable Association-failure and disabled others? Did you leave fabric failover configured on vNIC templates? Thank you
  5. protector

    Just Passed Lab 2

    Did you zone all 3 initiators pwwn or just one. Did you map vlans 30,40,70,71 on po10 and po20 on FI. Thank you
  6. Link for download all videos. [hide] [Hidden Content]] Enjoy guys...
  7. I agree with this. I will enable arp inspection if I get lab 2.
  8. What re you talking about? This is old link and old document? What new topics?
  9. protector

    Failed Lab 3

    @RSSP WoL What are the things you could do with IPMI? If you do VMWare Dynamic Power Management, where you could bring up and shutdown hosts or blades based on need, you can do that via IPMI. You’ll need to set up access, control and all that, and you do it right there. Another management tool that uses IPMI is Wake-On-LAN. this is from Petri website. try to find Configuring UCS Service Profile Templates – vNIC/vHBA Placement Policies – Part 2
  10. protector

    Failed Lab 3

    @RSSP USB policy becuse of this: Virtual Media requires the USB to be enabled. If you modify the BIOS settings that affect the USB functionality, you also affect the Virtual Media. Therefore, we recommend that you leave the following USB BIOS defaults for best performance: Note • Make Device Non Bootable—set to disabled • USB Idle Power Optimizing Setting—set to high-performance
  11. protector

    Failed Lab 3

    zonixx you are change local disk policy to ''any configuration''. ohh it is too bad. did you put the command port-channel load-balance src-dst l4port in DC2-N7K-1? did you check netflow? did exporter send packets to the destination? Thank you for help
  12. protector

    Failed Lab 3

    One more question did you enable Jumbo mtu 9000 on vnic templates and on best-effort class? Thank you
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