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  1. Anyone can share dumps for the Certified EC-Council Instructor (CEI) 312-75 exam? Thanks.
  2. Thanks, worked like a charm.
  3. I was talking about the pdf material a guy shared in this topic (not OP). The tools are just regular tools like nmap, you can direct download from their sites. The VMs i don't know. I've seen a lot of shares for the IP Specialist pdfs which are weak. The official one usually is a PDC file, which one can de-DRM.
  4. Those aren't from EC-Council, right? I've seen this book from IPSpecialist before, but this isn't the official course-ware from EC-Council.
  5. DAAAMMNNN!!! Amazing share, kudos. Do you also have the videos?
  6. Does anyone have Boson CEH v9 312-50 Practice Exam to share? Source: [Hidden Content]
  7. Still waiting for OP to provide proof of PDF and/or video. I firmly believe this is tools and VMs only, from the prints he gave already
  8. Thanks for the prints, but all I see is virtual machines and tools. Where are the videos and PDFs you said? If you can print those, I'll download the pack. I'm just asking because downloading 111GB of files will take a hit, rsrsrs. A big size doesn't mean it contains "every single thing you need". It may contain only the VMs and tools, which is NOT everything you need, as the original PDFs are needed too.
  9. Do you have the official PDF course?
  10. Bumping this one as the currently available share is INCOMPLETE. Can someone please upload the complete CEHv9 course by ITPROTV? [Hidden Content]
  11. Who will be the hero to post the MEGA links? hahahaha
  12. Thanks, but this isn't of any use, I knew about this sample. I need the entire book :|
  13. Foundations Of Information Security Based On ISO27001 And ISO27002 Series: Best Practice Paperback: 1 pages Publisher: Van Haren Publishing; 3rd edition (April 16, 2015) Language: English ISBN-10: 940180012X ISBN-13: 978-9401800129 [Hidden Content]
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