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  1. anyone can help on write a secrule to exclude directory in IIS server
  2. afifosh


    please can someone advice me how i can start my mcse journey i am new on Microsoft
  3. afifosh

    Security track

    anyone here can advice me how to start my track on security for web app
  4. afifosh


    Anyone here can suggest some material to study pmp ?
  5. afifosh

    PMP help

    please can someone refer to me good material to start studying for pmp video or book..
  6. cbtnuggets subtitles [Hidden Content]
  7. Cbtnuggets subttiles courses[hide] [Hidden Content]]
  8. Any one is interested to make a study group for CCNP RS in riyadh
  9. Torrent link :[hide] [Hidden Content]] Sorry for being late
  10. Hello Guys , its is pleasure to share with all members my cbtnuggets subtitles as you know cbt made some change on their website concern the subtitle also all their video are provided with multiple speed 0.8x 1.0x 1.3x 1.6x 2.0x as you know each speed has his own translation and now i will share with all members the translation with all speed for 200 courses offered by cbtnuggets [hide]link: [Hidden Content]]
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