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  1. Deep Knowledge of SDA & SD-WAN is not needed. Watch "CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Overview, Scope, and Preparation" session in the following link to get more information about the exam; [Hidden Content]
  2. @matiandal Please access the link on a browser and confirm if you can access the files.
  3. Try Uploading to [Hidden Content]
  4. The content is no longer available.
  5. Register an account on cisco.com and access the sd-wan mastery course, its free bro. See link below [Hidden Content]
  6. You can get the videos for free. See link below; [Hidden Content]
  7. I only download the premium link which was shared by the requester. It's not my share and I do not have the pdf materials
  8. Cisco Aggregation Services Router 9000 Series Essentials [Hidden Content]
  9. Cisco IOS XR Ethernet VPN Implementation and Verification [Hidden Content]
  10. In my humble opinion you don't need a $3000 training to pass the CCIE Enterprise SD-WAN exam session of the lab. If you watch the Cisco webinar "CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Overview, Scope, and Preparation" you will realize that you just need to master the basics of SD-WAN, which is well covered in other materials flying around on the internet.
  11. Is it possible to upload files over 4gb to a free mega account?
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