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  1. let me check ..give me some time
  2. My 1st try ..pay for me [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Device mapping is an issue ..is there any solution for this ? regards
  4. let me find it & I will arrange asap regards
  5. sorry that host was died & apology for late reply here is all books & guides [Hidden Content]
  6. 1st of all ,eve ng people deserve credit .do not do it if u can able to pay them , i mean if u r effort to pay . *EVE-NG Pro version 2.0.4-21 DL link [Hidden Content] then then use [Hidden Content] wish u good luck
  7. Now all in one in 7z format [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. Please check now ..its working ...Let me arrange another hosting
  9. IPexpert Workbook 5 volume with all initial config Link [hide][Hidden Content]] All Workbook 5 Link: [hide][Hidden Content]] Now all in one in 7z format [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. IPexpert Workbook 5 volume with all initial config Link [hide][Hidden Content]] All Workbook 5 Link: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. My best advice .do not try to make your lab in desktop ..instead purchase server from ebal like Dellc c1100 73GB ram 2X quad or hexa core Xeon processor worth of 250$
  12. I am an expert on vmware .In fact I have been running business based on AWS ..Yes before you run the VM machine ..like most case max load 50 node each 512MB ram ..then you have to have 25GB RAM (with extended page table supported HOST).. 1GB for VM own system uses.try to allocate decent amount core ,If you are advance user then allocate affinity on number of core ..that will give you real time performance . till I have not got any issue . If you do not have sufficent ram then my advice use SSD HDD for swapping .If you do not match minimum requirements then its gives lot of trouble , And beleve me 99 out of 100 are because of lacking resource.
  13. Hello Dear, Its can run switch image fantastically.. you try it demo.
  14. Hello, I have been in server collocation business since long time . I have some offer who want to practice in unl lab . My allocation for lab is 73GB RAM 250X4 SSD 2X Xeon x5560 Dell C6100 machine . Allocation based on as follows: 24H-15$ 48H-20$ 72H-30$ 1 Week-80$ 1 Month-250$ Payment method: Paypal for demo contact us through PM
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