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  1. Hi, Can anybody please explain the process of processing a crypto map on an interface ? Crypto Map priortiy ? Flow of packet from Engine to interface and then processing of crypto map ? I am trying to do S2S between R1 & R2 and Remote access between a client (connected to ISP) and R1, and if the priority/line entry of Crypto Map (Remote Acess) is > Crypto Map (S2S) then VPNs stop working properly. (e.g. for RA crypto map entry is at line 10 and for S2S crypto map entry is at 111)
  2. What is with Skype ? Why cant it be discussed here ?
  3. Lab 3 is entirely different from Lab 1,2 & 4. Topologies of Lab 1,2 & 4 are similar..
  4. Yes I guess so.. Never heard of Lab 1 in a long time..
  5. Is Lab 3 stable in any place ? or both Lab 2 & Lab 3 are active ?
  6. Topic is not clear in itself.. I agree with Agila.. This thread should be closed..
  7. Any updates for the change in Lab 3 ? Please reply.. A lot of candidates are waiting in anticipation for the same..
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