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  1. Fantastic. Thank you SO MUCH. I am seeding them forever
  2. Are wireless videos included in these? I downloaded all the torrents but dont find any
  3. ????? Well, I want that folder from someone, because I deleted all of them a week ago. Which software are you talking about?
  4. OK, so I have a Paid account on Pluralsight and I downloaded 100s of videos and converted them. Pluralsight recently upgraded their encryption algorithm and decryption fails. I THINK there is a simple trick to make it work, worth a try, use older version. I searched on internet and it is not available, however, if you had older version installed, then the upgrade will NOT delete it, but create another folder. Can somebody please upload older version (I believe 262 or something, you can upload 1-2 versions) The location is C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Pluralsight\ If you can upload, then I will download and if the videos successfully convert, I'll download some pro videos for you and upload on mega.
  5. Guys, can somebody please share the older version of the Software? You can simply copy it from % Appdata%\local\pluralsight folder.
  6. I am planning to write examination, any dumps?
  7. Did you manage to upload it anywhere?
  8. It's gone from Mega, which makes me believe it's full version. Can you please re upload?
  9. Did not manage to find any latest dumps. Is it worth waiting for syllabus to change?
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