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  1. What is this group that is "me too" so much here?
  2. I have not INE CCIE Security v5.0 Lab Exam WORKBOOK anywhere. All I've seen pictures of a unified layout but missing pieces of the puzzle. Pictures come from [Hidden Content] IP Addresses and Passwords [Hidden Content] Assigned VLANS: [Hidden Content] Default Gateway and Routing [Hidden Content]
  3. The Micronics Zero-To-Hero 6 video classes were leaked as an "enticement try before you buy" Marketing... Very clever
  4. It's a week later. Is JN0-102 still valid? I download the PDF but it only had 74 questions.
  5. Does anyone have the latest dumps for 500-275 and 500-285 SSFIPS and SSFAMP exam?
  6. For those reading this that don't have the 10 plus years of building pc/server hardware, networking and security experience... It would be faster (and faster means more expensive) to buy a ready-made pre-built server that someone else built for you. ... but where's the fun in that? There's a vendor on eBay that sells the following: A Cisco CCIE Security v5.0 Virtual Lab kit based on INE's recommendations. It's built using a quiet Dell R610 Server w/ 128GB RAM (can upgraded to 192GB) + 1TB SSD HD with VMware ESXi 6.0 This Dell R610 includes 2 x Hex Core Processors (12 Cores total). ...but I'm not giving the direct link because I am using the above as a further example of Mr. Robot's post Now I'm going back to doing CCIE Security labs and listening to John Denver albums.
  7. World famous CCIE/CCDE instructor, Khawar Butt helped out RouterGods Members with a free one-week Advanced CCNP Bootcamp. He allowed us to share the bootcamp with the rest of the Internet. DAY 1 -
  8. The Micronics online class commonly called SECURITY ZERO-TO-HERO is 16 weeks so this is only the first 6 recordings from their January 2016 online boot camp delivered by WebEx. Also, the recordings are supposed to be 16 sessions that are each 8 hours long.
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