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  1. What is this group that is "me too" so much here?
  2. I have not INE CCIE Security v5.0 Lab Exam WORKBOOK anywhere. All I've seen pictures of a unified layout but missing pieces of the puzzle. Pictures come from [Hidden Content] IP Addresses and Passwords [Hidden Content] Assigned VLANS: [Hidden Content] Default Gateway and Routing [Hidden Content]
  3. The Micronics Zero-To-Hero 6 video classes were leaked as an "enticement try before you buy" Marketing... Very clever
  4. It's a week later. Is JN0-102 still valid? I download the PDF but it only had 74 questions.
  5. Does anyone have the latest dumps for 500-275 and 500-285 SSFIPS and SSFAMP exam?
  6. For those reading this that don't have the 10 plus years of building pc/server hardware, networking and security experience... It would be faster (and faster means more expensive) to buy a ready-made pre-built server that someone else built for you. ... but where's the fun in that? There's a vendor on eBay that sells the following: A Cisco CCIE Security v5.0 Virtual Lab kit based on INE's recommendations. It's built using a quiet Dell R610 Server w/ 128GB RAM (can upgraded to 192GB) + 1TB SSD HD with VMware ESXi 6.0 This Dell R610 includes 2 x Hex Core Processors (12 Cores total). ...but I'm not giving the direct link because I am using the above as a further example of Mr. Robot's post Now I'm going back to doing CCIE Security labs and listening to John Denver albums.
  7. World famous CCIE/CCDE instructor, Khawar Butt helped out RouterGods Members with a free one-week Advanced CCNP Bootcamp. He allowed us to share the bootcamp with the rest of the Internet. DAY 1 -
  8. The Micronics online class commonly called SECURITY ZERO-TO-HERO is 16 weeks so this is only the first 6 recordings from their January 2016 online boot camp delivered by WebEx. Also, the recordings are supposed to be 16 sessions that are each 8 hours long.
  9. I took the exam yesterday but sadly I failed as well... I've been supporting ISE (versions 1.2, 1.4, 2.1) for 2 years. The SIMS were easy to me since I'm used to supporting ISE. The biggest issue was their love of asking all kinds of questions about the types of portals, the flow of portals, BYOD, Guest, Sponsor, etc... I've never seen so many questions about Security Groups, Security Group Tags, SXP, and SGACL. I think it is because they are really pushing the exam takers to become masters of TrustSec [Hidden Content]
  10. [Hidden Content] Table 10-1 and Figure 10-12 Authentication Rules definitely make it seem like it is option A. Option B is mentioned in the provisioning tasks but every place I see in the above document mentions using it for wireless. The BYOD system design relies on the Guest Portal to provide wireless guest access and, for provisioning purposes, the redirection of employees to the Self-Registration portal to on-board their devices. Then I read [Hidden Content] and after reading this page I think it points me back to A. Please read the BYOD_Wired document and tell me your thoughts.
  11. I failed 300-206 today... DOH... It is pretty valid... I saw "drag drop", BOTNET, NAT with PAT, but what killed me was the SYSLOG "hotspot" questions that displayed as a SIM... I blanked on what to do... Exam report said I need to study Threat Defense Architectures Security Components and Considerations Weird as it is... I got 5 different question about Cisco Prime Infrastructure topics... Enjoy
  12. First hint is "it's an exam covering ISE" The tag, also called the security group tag (SGT), allows ISE to enforce access control policies by enabling the endpoint device to act upon the SGT to filter traffic. Second hint Security Group Tagging allows for segmentation without needing VLANs, and even more importantly simplifies the operational management of firewall policy and access lists. For our example in this blog, there are two switches in the Access Layer, each with a user from the HR Department, and another user who needs access to Payment Card Industry (PCI) data.
  13. Yes, I have passed this and other Cisco exams. To answer your question about passing the exams without dumps... It's a dual edged sword. Person A) This person has gone through all 4 Cisco Network Academy classes for CCNA, or been a CCNA, or have a couple of years with hands-on experience supporting Cisco gear (Access layer, Distribution switches, CORE switches, CORE routers, etc) Person A has hands-on experience with ALL the CCNA R&S curriculum. Person Gone through a 5-day bootcamp, or all 4 Cisco Network Academy classes or self-study using books, INE, CBTNuggets, Chris Bryant on UDEMY, and experience with GNS or actual hardware. Person C) self-study, watched all the videos but no hands-on experience. Persons A, B, C all use a exam dump... Person A is going to use his experience and "muscle knowledge" for a lot of the exam. Person A is just wanting to know "how are they phrasing the question" because 90% of the time when they look at the exam questions they already know the answer but are verifying "how" they are asking... Person B is going to more heavily rely on the exam dump because they may have the "book knowledge" and a CCNA level knowledge of "how to do" the job. Based on if the person has very good memorization skills the multiple choice and matching will be easier but the SIM will be harder as they know "how it's supposed to go" due to the picture from the exam dump but lack the "on the job experience..." Passing the exam on the first attempt is 50%. Person C will rely on the exam dump heavily due to the fact they don't have the experience of A or B. Statistics say this person has a higher chance of passing with a brain dump AND little chance they will pass the exam without the brain dump.
  14. ...and according to a Cisco Press comment (circa Q1 2017) It never will exist... just use the old FW book as a reference
  15. Is this study group still operational? If so, when does the group meet to study?
  16. Between PassLeader or Lead4Pass, which one would you choose? What website would people here recommend as being the most accurate?
  17. A TORRENT (magnet) link that actually works. [Hidden Content]
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