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  1. I got them. PM your contact information.
  2. Correct the controllers will be created as configure NSX Manager.
  3. I can be ran from a computer using vmWare Workstation. I would suggest a PC/Laptop with 16GB RAM. I read articles with pc/laptop running with less. I never used workstation. Best of Luck.
  4. I run Home Lap with 3 host Management (dell 2950) 3 host Compute (dell r710). My storage is Synology 1813+. My Switch is Cisco SG300-28 Port Manage Switch.
  5. I run a 3 Host configuration with Dell 2950's Synology 1813+ Cisco SG300-28 Gigabit Switch Which allows me run virtually all configurations for POC. Will be replacing my Dell 2950's for Dell R710's Shortly.
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