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  1. not possible to download please anyone able to upload in famous upload centers like Mega.co.nz
  2. hi guys can i use it in production network? i want to use it for Anyconnect connectivity to my internal resources? regards
  3. hi i have a question i hope you can help me. can i use this junos vmdk in my production network for vpn access i have 30 clients? regards
  4. yes thanks i mean actually for production envioromnet
  5. Can i use it as a VPN Server i mean i install it on Vmware ESX and it is now an SRX. or it is just for training. regards
  6. can i use this in VPS? i mean give it a public address?
  7. please share somewhere else it is deleted.
  8. anyone can share this book from the list ? CCIE Security v3.0 Configuration Practice Labs (eBook), 2nd Edition (Bhaiji, ISBN# 1587140268) regards
  9. could you tell me who is the instuctor for this product?
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