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  1. I'm looking for the cp030972.exe firmware. I have a MSA 2040 with old firmware.
  2. I'm also looking for the cp030972 firmware, hope that someone can upload it. I have a MSA2040 array with old firmware.
  3. Have you checked the MX records for the domain ? Have you tried to manually (using a telnet session) send an email to that domain ? Please post any error messages you received.
  4. Rene

    How much Time?

    The time is different for each exam and varies from 2 hours to 4 hours. On the Prometric site you will see the allowed time when you try to book the exam. Just go to the website and select the exam, after selecting the testing center a screen will display the available time slots of the testing center and at the top you can see the exam length displayed.
  5. I just checked the Comptia website, didn't know about this yet. [Hidden Content] I think that's a good move, we don't need different exams from different vendors for (essentially) the same certification.
  6. Comptia Linux+ and LPI are two different things. Comptia Linux+ is a single exam. (from Comptia) LPI level 1 is a 2 exam certification. (from Linux Professional Institute)
  7. Will ESX 4.0 even run in a 32 bit environment ??? Better check the prerequisites for running ESX 4.0 first.
  8. A single user license only costs $19,- You could consider buying it.
  9. Be patient, it can take 3 - 5 days before certification credentials get updated after your exam.
  10. Free exam vouchers, Free e-learning, maybe more to come. We'll just have to wait and see how this will develop.
  11. After 4 hours of trying, I also managed to get in. Will have a look at the site in the morning when the dust has settled.
  12. Nope, the website is overloaded. Thanks to the people that post these emails on forums. These emails are not meant to be posted on a forum, you can probably understand why.
  13. That depends if you want to become MCITP: Database Administrator or MCITP: Database Administrator 2008. You can choose the SQL 2005 track or the SQL 2008 track.
  14. Since Microsoft has not announced the retirement of MCSE 2003 yet, I can't give you any link to the Microsoft website.
  15. Sorry, no valid dumps exist for this exam at the moment. You'll have to do this one the old fashioned way. (actually learn the stuff needed to pass the exam)
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