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  1. yes bro i tried that link to but no avail from INTEL site driver itself, i used my USB Wifi dongle and it works, i guess i need to buy LAN CARD separately, i have no issue with the 9020 driver except its LAN
  2. Hello Guys does anyone here installed WInSrv12 or WinSrv16 on Optiplex 9020 that haven't encounter any problem with the NIC drivers?, please need help I tried already download driver from Dell website and Intel, it seems no luck with the compatibility.
  3. Im looking to this CBT course too its very hard to scour in the web about this new video by "shawn Powers", i tried to watch via linkein learning by "Grant McWilliams" but he's to fast to explain i cant get it. I hope CBT can explain better for a new comers in Linux.
  4. better to share via magnet lin or torrent.
  5. Hello Guys anyone care to share about practical exercise for CCENT/CCNA PDF below please, TIA
  6. website block trojan horse, can you please upload via magnet link, the site is malicious
  7. rapidgator suck better if magnet link, a lot of adware in that site.
  8. Please need this training, if possible magnet link, thanks in advance
  9. Link doest work full of advertisement and adware, can you please upload via torrent?
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