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  1. Thanks to you, for mantaining links online.
  2. It is reuploaded if problem persist download this video separately from here: [Hidden Content]
  3. Offensive Security - OSCP [PWK] v2020 [PDF Version and Videos] [Download links] PWK is the foundational penetration testing course here at Offensive Security, and the only official training for the industry-leading OSCP exam. The original version of the course has enabled thousands of information security professionals to build their careers. Updating PWK to integrate the latest technology, tools and processes is critical to continuing to support our students. Our teams have worked hard to not only develop new additions to the content, but also to completely revise all the modules for a better experience. INDEX OF VIDEOS(capital letters): With the full chapter name: 02 Getting Comfortable with Kali Linux.avi 03 Command Line Fun.avi 04 Practical Tools.avi 05 Bash Scripting.avi 06 Passive Information Gathering.avi 07 Active Information Gathering.avi 08 Vulnerability Scanning.avi 09 Web Application Attacks.avi 10 Intruduction to Buffer Overflows.avi 11 Windows Buffer Overflows.avi 12 Linux Buffer Overflows.avi 13 Client-Side Attacks.avi 14 Locating Public Exploits.avi 15 Fixing Exploits.avi 16 File Transfers.avi 17 Antivirus Evasion.avi 18 Privilege Escalation.avi 19 Password Attacks.avi 20 Port Redirection and Tunneling.avi 21 Active Directory Attacks.mp4 22 The Metasploit Framework.avi 23 PowerShell Empire.avi 24 Assembling the Pieces-Penetration Test Breakdown.avi [hide][Hidden Content]] Make use of Hide Tag while posting download links. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces). Read the Board Rules or get banned.
  4. to try to prevent spidering and delete link by company scripts. if you want i post mega link here but, doesn´t stay online long time, or pm me and i send link of mega to you
  5. Burp suite version 1.7.13 [hide] [Hidden Content]]
  6. enjoy it. [hide][Hidden Content]] Updated 17Feb, used adfly to anonimize it to prevent erase. If you want direct mega link pm me. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. License: 02dic2017 File Password:ErrOr SquaD - Bangladesh [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. hello. if you are registered in haking9 (free account) you can download it free.
  9. Hi to all. Finally it´s work. install it in c:\Boson then, only copy NetSim.exe and NetSim.Engine.dll good luck
  10. i need too... please, anybody has vouchers?
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