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  1. Hey, seems like I am unable to send PM as I need 5 posts. trying to fix it now.
  2. I don't think it worth the money, not a single penny. the products itself doesn't allow you do test a very complex labs. the loading of the devices takes forever. as you doing progress you better don't sleep your laptop, otherwise you need to start from scratch. this is one of the worst money investments I have ever made.
  3. if you interested in taking Core exam, I have the voucher for you. 350 USD each.
  4. Hello, I am very well versed and do teach in products/technologies such as Cisco ASA Cisco WSA Cisco ISE Cisco CCNA RS Cisco CCNP RS Splunk SIEM CISSP CCISO ISO27001 Best let me know if any is of your interest
  5. can you please upload in mega pls.
  6. Took the Written today and failed 725 out of 825 needed to pass, I used PL421 dated May 12,
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